About Us

About Us

  • Modern Social Association

    Modern Social Association is a non-governmental, voluntary and non-profit Association which is interested in providing services in; Health, Education, and Nutrition to the Society. We believe that building a capacity of young generations will contribute in community development in all targeted fields of work. Therefore, we are working through applying a scientific approach in the field and establish a training and research environment at local level.

    Early in 2012, we started as a group of educated people and health experts in providing training and consultations for many health professionals in Yemen as volunteers to contribute in the capacity building of the national staff and develop a strong technical bases to improve the health system in the country. We wanted to make a change and create a hope for millions of people in Yemen.

  • we believe that

    Children are the future and mothers are their schools
    Using scientific-based approaches
    Integration work
    Community participation
    Voluntary and team spirit


    Toward living in a better society


    To build a healthy and productive society through participating and improving the health and education of our generations and reduce the impact of the conflict in the community.


    To provide basic services in health and Nutrition
    To participate in improving the education system in the country using the modern approaches in teaching.
    To build the capacity of the young population in program management and researches

    Contact Info.

    Email: info@msa-group.org
    Phone: +9672246512
    Website: msa-group.com
    Address: Main street,Malla - Aden - Yemen