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Psychological First Aid (PFA)

Psychological First Aid (PFA) is a supportive response to help children, adolescents, adults, and families who are suffering serious crisis events, may struggle with or face new challenges following the event. This program is about how to support people in the immediate aftermath of extremely stressful events. Our objectives in this program to train teachers, health providers and people in the communities on how to provide an early assistance within days or weeks following an event.

Psychological First Aid (PFA) training courses for MSA volunteers.

TOT training course on Psychological First Aid .

 Expand the training program in PFA in schools of Aden and Lahj targeting 5 schools



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WHO-funded Integrated Health Services Package in Al-Mahra Governorate 2019, supervision training and reporting for health workers
The practical course of epidemiological surveillance, monthly health reporting and supervision of the directorates of Sihot and Messila continues today.

The second day covered the following topics:

- Definition of epidemiological cases.
- The importance of health information in health interventions.
- Monitoring and evaluation of data quality
- Standardize the registration of case data according to the classifications dealt with
- Epidemiological identification workshops.
- Collect data in a correct methodology.
- The role of the health worker at the facility level in the detection of epidemics and health problems and take appropriate action
- Use case definition, classification and application in daily records and weekly and monthly reports.
- The concept of primary health care and components of the package of minimum health services
- Types of reports at the level of health facilities and the mechanism of submission.

The session will conclude tomorrow by discussing the monthly report model of the integrated health services package, followed by a post test and review of its results
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Harvest Project
This project aims to support poor and destitute families to improve their living conditions and obtain a limited and stable income by supporting them in establishing a small family project that can be developed and expanded.

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The research Center of MSA
Our aims and Ambitions

The research Center of MSA aims to establish a prominent position in the field of research and innovation in Yemen and create an international link.

Our approach to research is adopting principles of constant analysis and curiosity. We carry out leading research in Social, Health and Nutrition fields and answer new questions in innovative and interdisciplinary ways.

Our training is based on practical approaches and applied sciences. Problem analysis, and problem-solving are things we focus to train our trainees. We strongly emphasize on applied scientific approaches to be prepare young generation to solve problems based on researches, as well we encourage them to gain field experience in the society based on a scientific background.
We have a number of research priority areas

    Program evaluation
    Impact of conflict on health
    Diseases control and outbreaks
    Malnutrition in community
    Behavioral changes in the community and its impact on health

Our values

    We are socially oriented.
    to make our society better, working in team with all fields and sectors . We participate in community debate and development.

    We are practical implementers.
    We apply a fundamental research project in field to have a real impact on society.

    We are creating opportunities.
    We spread knowledge and create a need for science by encouraging young people to be involved and build their capacities in research.

Current research projects

    Resurgence of diphtheria in Yemen due to population movement.


                                                                                         Next Steps

We are working on establishment of local scientific journal to encourage young Yemeni scientist to publish their work and share experience and knowledge in science. This will be opportunity to learn them how to be part of the community development and depends on researches to build future.

We are prioritizing research areas, including program evaluation and monitoring, surveillance system, diseases control, and the impact of conflict on health and education. We are interested to build on the experiences of professional experts in the fields of health and education and ensuring youth and community participation.

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Contact Info.

Email: info@msa-group.org
Phone: +9672246512
Website: msa-group.com
Address: Main street,Malla - Aden - Yemen